New Work: The Pin lamp

Pin lampThe pin lamp was developed to be an elegant, versatile lighting solution. Scale and proportions of the design are influenced by the two micro fluorescent fixtures within. The lamp emits a soft glow through a semi-opaque CNC cut corrugated plastic shade. The Plastic is scored by the machine to create a striped pattern, the shape of the pattern references the profile of the lamp’s end pieces. Wooden ends of the lamp are birds eye maple, and they use a milkpaint finish to highlight their concentric stripe pattern.

Pin lampThe name “Pin” is derived from the lamp’s ¬†engineering. The two fluorescent fixtures are mounted onto a central wooden beam that pierces both ends of the lamp. To hold everything in place, two wooden pins wedge into mortises that have been cut into this central beam creating a “pin” of sorts. Similar wedge joinery has been used for centuries in furniture construction. It is used in the Pin lamp to create a simple construction, and also to create a distinctive detail.

Pin lampA challenge was to create a lamp design that could be easily shipped, and be easily assembled by the owner. The first set of Pin lamps have been created in a limited series of five. The Lamps come in two variations; white and black. One lamp in each color will be featured in my 2014 BFA thesis exhibition.


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