Weekend Update

This week has been great for many reasons. I have begun work on my reliquary and just about finished work on my trailer. Also, my semester-long internship has been approved and I will begin work next week. Here is a slideshow of the trailer with fresh paint and oil!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This piece would really be set off with some clean pinstriping! However, this is all for now. I am interested in designing and making other variations of hardwood bicycle trailers built to carry out specific tasks (no pun intended). With a proper trailer, there seems to be a wide range of practical applications for a bicycle that can be realized. The first step in creating any new trailer form will be exploring ways to make it portable and easy to carry up a flight of stairs. This has got me looking a lot at modular design and break down furniture.

Speaking of design, I have spent a lot of time designing on the computer tis week. Illustrator continues to be a great tool for creating patterns based off of geometric forms. I will be utilizing a variation of repeated circles that are screen printed single color and wheat pasted to plywood. I love being able to bring design elements sourced from the computer to woodworking, and this project is the perfect opportunity to try out some new techniques. 

This weekend I also have the great opportunity to go on an overnight trip with the woodworking department! We will be going to Connecticut and New York visiting a few exciting spots. Hopefully I will be able to take a good amount of pictures and post an overview of the trip upon returning.


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