Design and Experimentation

Studio Bench 1-19-13

It seems that sound is finding it’s way back into my work. This mad–scientist experimentation above is part of the design process of a wall hung reliquary piece I am working on. I am utilizing two high powered bass shakers to produce strong vibrations within the piece. By lowering the octave of synthesized bass to an extreme level, I have found the shakers produce a slow heart–like beat. With the use of garageband, I am able to record long, sustained notes of this inaudible bass frequency. I then upload the track to a flash drive which can be plugged directly into a mini amp and looped. The amp, it’s components, and the shakers will be installed in a 12 x 10 x 8 solid walnut frame with a hinged door on the front for amp access. I am withholding the final rendering of the piece until I am sure it is complete, but it will be done within the week.
Independent Study JournalToday, my creativity was spent mostly on the computer, away from the shop. In anticipation of my independent study in the studio, I created a fifteen week journal for tracking my progress throughout the semester. My design allows me to record the current week, daily hours worked, project details, materials purchased, total money spent, and work notes. Since this is a book intended for personal use only, I have also included a section to record my weekly bike rides and runs. I am interested in comparing my work in the studio with my outside activity level. The journal will also be a convenient way for me to keep records of two things I am passionate about; my studio practice, and my work out regiment.

I am hoping to hear back this week if my independent study proposal has been approved. Then, I can begin working out the details of my task and begin designing. I foresee my schedule becoming  filled with a daunting amount of work… Its about time.


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