On a Roll…

This Wednesday construction on the “grocery getter” finally reached completion. I am extremely satisfied with the fit and finish of the trailer, but the real test is yet to come…using it on the streets. A primary concern was the functionality of the rubber hitch joint, but once together I hooked the trailer up to a bike and gave it a test run on the third floor of the school. It rolls great and is barely noticeable when in pull. The next step is finding the proper finish for it. I had purchased some general finishes milk paint, but after discussing the topic with several individuals I am going to further investigate enamels before applying a finish. The advantage of an enamel is that it will in be weather proof innately. This seems to be ideal for the exterior of the trailer, but I have no knowledge of it’s sanding qualities. My prior experiences with plastic based finishes is that they tend to peel and rip when sanded. I will be making some trips to local retailers and asking a list of questions about finishing options. Perhaps the most promising location is Hamilton Marine Supply. I was told of their high quality boat enamel which may be ideal for the trailer’s application. I am glad to see the piece assembled and am anxious to do a few test runs!Grocery Getter 1


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