A Weekend to Remember

This weekend was the December first Friday art walk in Portland. It also marked the dates of the woodworking department’s pop up exhibition: Fresh Cuts. I stayed up the night before the opening preparing the final details for the evening. Luckily everything was finished with a high standard of professionalism and simplicity. All of the work looked great in the space, and it felt really good knowing that all the hard work that was put in to the show was paying off.

Cut and Fold

We had a great number of people come through and browse the gallery. The pamphlets that I cut and folded were taken home by countless art walkers who otherwise would have never come in contact with our work. I only heard positive comments about the space and the work included. Adding to a great weekend, my trailer project is finally coming together. I completed the largest glue up today, and tomorrow will be used to finish the piece. Although I would have rather paced myself slightly better, I couldn’t have predicted the amount of work the Majors show actually would demand. I cannot wait to get back in to the studio tomorrow to take the clamps off this piece and finishing it up for Wednesday!trailer glue up


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