Getting out There.

On my last few mountain bike rides I have noticed something peculiar occurring along my favorite stretch of trail. While every other plant and tree is giving up it’s green qualities in preparation for the winter, this bed of undergrowth remains a brilliant green. The spot is located down along the banks of the Penobscot River in outer Portland. To be riding through the brown forest and then suddenly be cutting through this lush environment is surprising every time. I find myself stopping during my rides at this spot just to take in the scenery a bit longer. This wonderful stretch of trail has without a doubt inspired me. Environmental art never has been an interest of mine. However, as of late, my affinity for this land has driven me to think about work that was designed specifically for the outdoors. This is a very fast section of trail to ride on a bike so it would be a goal of mine to create something that is permanent to this spot specifically and something that also interacts the act of mountain biking. Most importantly this structure would compress the space and direct the riders attention to this green patch along the trail. I want every rider to revel their time passing through this section the same was as I do. Perhaps this structure derives it’s form from a covered bridge or a trestle bridge. Luckily there will be plenty of time to develop this idea through the winter because soon this area will be sealed off with a thick layer of snow!


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