It’s Production Time

This weekend proved to be very productive, yet somehow it seemed equally monotonous. I was working primarily on my headboard and footboard pieces. I spent the first half of the weekend applying layers upon layers of grey acrylic to the plywood panels. Hopefully I will be able to cut them out later this week on the CNC. I was worried that sanding each coat to a smooth finish would be problematic because of their coarse grain, but on the contrary the paint on the panels ended up looking very consistant. I cant wait to see how they look cut!The second half of my time was spent ripping my pile of ash stock down to size. Those big panels of plywood need a ton of support material to hold them up. After working on the table saw for more than an hour straight I felt like I had been working on a production line of sorts. The repetitive process was satisfying but exhausting. Now, having completed the cuts, the row of stock looks like the makings of ten pieces rather than just two. I am realizing more and more that the scale of this headboard and footboard will be truly mammoth. Hopefully, they will be somewhat transportable once completed, or else MECA might have two of my pieces permanently on view…


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