November is Here

The weeks continue to fly by, and somehow it is first Friday again. The voter engagement project and the bfa show are both installed right now, and there will be a guaranteed swarm of excited art walkers exploring the school. This is exciting because for the majority of the year MECA is a mystery to those who pass it on congress street. “Who goes here?”, and “What do they do here?” are all questions that mostly go unanswered. The bfa is rare time for the school to reveal what goes on, and luckily this year’s show has some of the strongest work I have seen during my time here. Its always seems like such a fantastic opportunity to be able to put my work out there for the public to see. 

Although the space I received was a bit smaller than I would have preferred, I am very pleased with the way it all turned out. The Soundscape Speakers seem to fit well with my bike stand, Black Lightning. For any of those within the portland community who don’t know what we do here at MECA, and for those who don’t take art students seriously, this show is a loud testament to the quality of work we produce. It is especially great to view all of the entries from the wood studio. There is a fantastic variety of work and a great collection of quality pieces. 

Every weekday at noon I have been walk down to the first floor where my work is installed and begin playing a forty five minute tape though the Soundscape speakers. When constructing the speakers, I never questioned how they would function in a gallery or show. Without the element of active sound, the speakers do not produce the same effect. Now that the work is installed, I am crossing my fingers that the jurors will pass by during the time when the tape is playing. As for tonight, I will definitely be playing music because of the traffic the school will see.


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