Subconscious Connections

Having finally completed some work this semester, I now have some time to reflect upon what I have been producing. I am surprised to find connections between my multi-disciplinary work. For the past year I believed the two mediums of two dimensional design and three dimensional woodworking were independent of each other. Some form of style has continuously been apparent in my work, but it has never been extremely refined. This semester I feel much more confident in my woodworking now that I understand basic craft. Perhaps this has allowed more of my style to show. Additionally, my design course has maintained a strong focus on experimentation and composition. This has undoubtably entitled me to more expression with typography.

I have found the inclusion of historical references and influences to further synthesize disparate processes. Operating purely aesthetically proved somewhat effective, but understanding theory allows those aesthetics to be specifically intentional. A single book investigated upon suggestion lead me to others of equivalent value and by following these sources I have uncovered more of what interests me as an artist. Minimalism and Post painterly geometry has permeated my recent subconscious through studying the work of Judd, Flavin, Stella, Turrell and Truitt. My work has benefited greatly by having a specific interest in these artists. In looking at the use of pattern, light, and color in my pieces these influences become especially apparent.  These similarities can be seen when comparing a page from my book “missed connections” and my wood lighting structure. 

This realization of connectivity could not have occurred at a more convenient time. The deadline for merit show applications is quickly approaching, and I am required to have a collection of five pieces. Hopefully, with further reflection, I can begin fully understand my work as a collective unit. Ideally, this understanding will assist me in my desperate attempt to decide what medium I should pursue in my major studies. I must make my decision before the end of this semester and my anxiety only increases with each passing day. For the merit show, I must present my work as a unit. The process of producing an artist statement and installing my collection of work may additionally direct my path for majoring. Regardless of these concerns, I am excited to have a surprisingly cohesive group of pieces!


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