There are many ways typography can be used to create dynamism. Good design thrives off the visual effects that are created with type . Position, scale, hierarchy, and other devices, can dictated the audience in specific ways. Many times the visual  effect of direction can be overlooked in design. A viewer can be unaware that they are being directed by elements within a composition.

Poster design is one area where the use of direction is most easily recognizable. Advertising is all about getting the message across as quickly and efficiently. In some cases the type points it’s audiences’ eyes towards the most important part of the piece. In this example Direction is being used in multiple ways.

“Taxi!” screams the bold the center of this printed poster. This text is in your face. It appears as though the word itself is yelling, just like someone in the city would. In addition to this text, the letters surrounding are alive with energy. The divirsity of scale, rotation, and fonts create the illusion of speed. The numbers can be imagined zooming on and off the page. The combined effect of the yelling “taxi!” and the zooming numbers creates direction. A chaotic scene unfolds on the page; a snapshot of the hum of a New York avenue. The treatment of the type makes this poster recognizable and engaging. A job well done for the designer.


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